September - December 2020

Interventional Cardiology Conferences

Healthcare has been at the forefront in the global fight against the Corona crisis. Continuous medical education is essential to further science in a bid to make the world a healthier and safer place for the human race.

SEES understands the same and was proud to be associated with 4 medical conferences in the field of Interventional Cardiology bringing together a total of 12000+ Cardiologists. Each event was transmitted LIVE and was spread over 3 days and the agenda included LIVE Surgery transmission from hospitals in the United States and pan India, breakout sessions, 90+ Faculty (Speakers, Expert Panelists and Moderators).

The audience for all the events was the same but the malleability of the platform ensured that each event looked different from the other. As is the case with most medical events, the preparation time was typically between 2-3 weeks for each event. This though challenging did not deter the SEES team which with its expert project management team coupled with the confidence & trust of the client, ensured that each event was more spectacular and more successful than the previous one.

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Category: Continued Medical Education Conferences